RIP, David Bowie. Stay fabulous, Cher.


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    1. I'm still completely stunned.

    2. No one knows me here on this wonderful,so f-ing creative website except Thom himself, and we have never even met in person. But I would feel lost without him in my life in this small way.

      He sent me the link to Bowie's "The Stars are Out Tonight " video with Tilda and if I remember correctly his subject line on that e-mail was "Bowie and Tilda!!!!" His excitement was so wonderful.

      What I'm getting at here is that David Bowie connected people to each other in ways we could never imagine. I'm so mourning his departure but am reminded of so much he gave us. I miss my roommate in 1973-74 Blaine Voelker, the Marc Bolan to my Bowie, Sweet Terry who was with me the first time I heard to Station to Station, my ex Mike who got me a ticket I could never afford to see David in San Jose, CA on the Reality tour in 2004. I feel blessed to have seen him on his last tour, his power as a performer leaps and bounds over his earlier years.

      When I heard Hunky Dory, in Pittsburgh and going to art school all those many years ago, I was still that green farm kid who grew up in West Caton, NY, road dirt still clinging to me. Bowie's art helped me shed the farm boy I was never meant to be and told me there were other ways.

      I will have to guide myself now.


  2. Right now, watching any of Bowie's clips and listening to any of his songs can "make me break down and cry."

    Part of my life's soundtrack has "left the building."

    And BrianB is right in saying this is a "wonderful,so f-ing creative website."