Where's the Playground, Susie?

Two compelling takes on a Jimmy Webb song. Up first is an odd promo video by Glen Campbell. He is followed by Andy Williams, as the Osmond Brothers mesmerize us with their stripes. Enjoy!


  1. My thoughts are with Mr. Campbell for his well being and my memories are with him and Mr. Webb for bringing so much joy to my life. This song is just the tip of the iceberg.


  2. The Andy Williams clip cracks me up because the Osmonds are lip-syncing to a track they obviously don't sing on. Plus their smiles and dance moves are so robotic as to be disturbing.

  3. Interesting to compare the two versions. I prefer the Andy, it's groovier. Those pants could have had their own show.

  4. Glen Campbell, like John Denver, will become an artist for whom history will be kinder as early work gets rediscovered, no matter how funny the hair and costumes may look now.

    1. I think you're right. They both had purely beautiful voices and their early work shared an earnest sincerity that still touches the heart if one lets it.