The Fabulous Polly Bergen!

Singing the hell out of two numbers from a popular musical of the day.


  1. Goodness me how dour the expressions are on the faces of the audience when she's introduced (so jovially and affectionately) by Phil Silvers! She really could SANG, though, even though she's principally known as an actress.

  2. Marvelous! In addition to being a chance to celebrate Miss B., these clips to me propose the prospect of a different kind of Mame: a real New Yawk lady, tough and funny, maybe a little boozy and Bacall-voiced, but not the outré character limned by Roz and set in stone by Angela (they found ways to ground, as it were, the kookiness, and of course were spectacular, but I wonder if could be finessed even further). And one who ages from 30-something to 50-something, not 60-to-Vaseline. Maybe Mame should be formidable and even a shade intimidating, as those ladies so often can be...