Something Fabulous from Havana!

Our latest obsession: Los Rivero! Check out these clips and you'll know why.


  1. Indeed!
    A very cursory search yields nothing much for info, however.
    I'm intrigued.
    Is this post Castro? Would he allow something so decadently wonderful?

    1. I'm assuming things are still exactly the same in Cuba!

      I could find very little info, either. I first discovered them via their fabulous album covers (you may have seen one I posted on FB the other day). Now I'm obsessed!

  2. They're marvelous! How did they never end up on Hollywood Palace? And how out of place they must have seemed amongst the comrades...

  3. If Mary Wilson and Florence Ballard had learned to move like that, Diane (as Mary always called her in her memoir) would have had them done in. Fabiola!