Lucille Ball, Dinah Shore, & Valerie Harper!

Need we say more?


  1. I can't believe nobody has anything to say about this!

  2. I think we're sort of stunned. At least I am. The mic technique alone is worth a dissertation.

    Mostly what i'm thinking though, is: these are the lengths that Dinah would go to to make her voice still sound fresh? (And you have to credit the old girl - it works. She sounds like the reincarnation of Galli-Curci next to Lucy.)

  3. I'm with Mr. M! Also, there's a LOT of facial work on that stage!

  4. The first time I heard this tune it was for Libby Littlechap dolls;

    "Here's Libby Littlechap
    Dressed in dungarees,
    Something something something,
    Sitting in a tree!"

    I loved her till I saw Libby and her "family" in person and realized how dull they looked! That's the power of a good jingle!


    1. So you've *always* been into dolls!

      I looked them up and yes the do look rather dull.

    2. Geez. Had to look that line up. Nightmare fuel - they look like inflatable love dolls for particularly debauched Kens. Which is as disturbing as it is spectacularly meta.

    3. I would've preferred to see the three of them together in some sort of comedy sketch, almost anything else is better than hearing Lucy "sing".