Somthing Faboo!

From Raffaella!


  1. After watching so very many of these Italian clips, I've noticed that choreographer Gino Landi had a very distinct style at the time. Graceful yet athletic, with erect torsos, hip-centric moves, bent knees, often leaning backwards. Almost modernist or art deco-looking, but very much of its time. He totally worked the flared pants and higher heels that were popular then. I don't know if what I'm saying makes any sense - I'm not well-versed in dance lingo - but I really like it!

    1. What love in these clips are the way they are filmed so that the performance , the space and the audience are all part of the experience. The purposefulness of showing the audience, the stage set from every angle and even the recording equipment gives it such a sense of immediacy.

      And the dancers tend to be rather dishy!


    2. Indeed on both counts.

      Watching this one, I was thinking how distinctive the dancing is. At first it feels like Fosse-Gone-Mod, but it's actually quite different, with a lower center of gravity and far more sinuous. Fosse can be (often is) quite sexy, but it's from the shoulders, with a certain tension. This is equally controlled, but using the pelvis as a pivot in ways that are extremely effective en masse, as with the kick-turns that often lead into the running strides that take the dancers off camera and provide such smooth transitions to the next shot (and so laying the groundwork for the roving camera that Brian notes). Very pleasing and artful, really.

      But what I really want is my name in lights sailing down from the flies...

    3. Since it looks so much like an ice rink, I wanted Rafella to bust out in hockey gear and start shooting goals.

  2. In addition to the singing and choreography, a further arresting visual note is that these Italian clips were broadcast and recorded in black and white.

    There is something so dissonant in seeing the "70s" in black and white.

    Apparently Italian broadcasts were not all in color until _1979_

  3. One could break a hip doing some of Raffaella's dance moves. Jx