A Redundant Special: Diana Ross Live at Caesar's Palace!

This is what it's all about. Happy Birthday, Miss Ross!


  1. This is from 1979. I was fortunate enough to see Miss Ross perform live the following year. I don't remember too much of that show but I'm guessing it was something similar.

  2. Oh my god! A little glimpse of heaven! Including Marvin Gaye!

  3. I saw multiple times (working front-of-house at a regular stop on arena tours) between 1979 and 1981 - it's amazing how much her show had changed by the end, after her albums The Boss and diana. In general, she seems more relaxed and chatty here than I recall, too. By the last go 'round she was entering (still in a variation on the big Dietrichische feather coat) to "I'm Coming Out" and leaving with "Reach Out and Touch." Great entertainer, but definitely more demanding than our hall's usual run of headliners.

    Among other things, we were under strict orders not to look directly at her - a challenge when you're ushering at a theatre-in-the-round and you're on duty holding back the late-comers so she can sail down the aisle...

    1. Oh, my!

      The show I saw ended with "Reach Out and Touch". It was a big gay grab fest!

  4. When her signature showed up on the scrim at the beginning I thought, "Mystery Guest would you enter and sign in please!" Then her face showed up and I thought, "Pay no attention to that drag queen behind the curtain!"

    "The Boss", to me her best song after the Supremes, the most unmannered singing she ever did.