A Double Dose of Dusty!

Closing her eyes and counting to ten.

(Special thanks to Marisha!)


  1. My all-time favourite song of Miss Springfield's.

    Of course, I always have to do the hand-movements. Every time.


    PS There is a story behind the recording of this song. In order to get "just the right kind of echoey atmosphere", apparently Dusty sang the entire thing in a corridor at the studio at 6 in the morning, and was wildly applauded for her efforts by the cleaners...

    1. I can just see you doing this song!

      It seems to me that Miss Springfield has more US fans now than she ever did while she was alive. So glad her music lives on!

  2. I remember as if it were yesterday sitting around the record player as my brother and our friends played the album "Stay Awhile"/"I Only Want to Be with You" in magnificent monaural sound! Great times. Love her still. Still the best version of "Mockingbird" and "Twenty-four Hours from Tulsa" ever....