It's Time to Party with Kate Smith!

Oh, darlings, you simply must!

[As always, thanks to TJB!]


  1. Jesus, that was fun! My heart was in my throat, though, because I was afraid the poor dear might take some of that multitudinous confetti down her throat!

    1. I was more afraid she'd stumble mid-twirl and crush that poor fellow to death. Jx

  2. she could always belt;
    even better without a belt.

  3. I don't care; I think she's just grand. And I always find myself oddly moved by that last verse - "there's a thank you / You can give life..." - many worse things one could take as a motto to ive by, no?

  4. I bet this was what poor old Truman was hoping for when he thew his little
    black and white ball.

  5. Wow ... I now want to edit this joyous version into Lucy's film version of Mame. While I understand why Carol Channing didn't get to recreate Dolly on film, I still can't figure out why anyone thought Lucille Ball would make more sense than Angela Lansbury for the film of Mame.