Suddenly, Jodie Foster!

Ah, yes, her fabulous French singing career.


  1. A couple of things:

    Number One: How have I been on this earth 137 years and never seen this and

    Number B: if anyone professed surprised at Jodie's public coming out last year, maybe they missed this montage of her in suits from the Pee Wee Herman collection.

    1. I was so relieved when she tucked that braid under her beret! Which sounds like a euphemism and possibly is.

  2. It's interesting that while she was a French pop chanteuse, she was also an American teenage prostitute.

  3. Her voice is surprisingly suited to French chanson - I've heard a few more of her tracks from this era, and, if she had not been known for her Hollywood career I reckon she would (just about) have cut it alongside the likes of Mlles Vartan, Hardy and Gall... Jx

    PS the outfitter either a) was in the know; or b) was taking the piss.

  4. I am fairly certain I have seen Jodie's second outfit (well, without the bow tie, but still) on my boss's boss (who is a lady.)

  5. Aside from the above comments about her costumes channeling her coming out, I'm confused by why she seems twenty pounds heavier in the image screen right than she does the other two.