Tony Tuesday: Katharine Hepburn!

This clip, from Coco, is long but well worth watching. And the spectacular fashion show at the end, choreographed by Michael Bennett and with a set by Cecil Beaton, is the icing on the Kate!


  1. I think it's one of those things where you had to be there.

    Hepburn was stunt casting of the highest order, but she had about as much to do with Chanel as Beaton's clothes did. I read recently that Claudette Colbert was discussed before KH; she might have been marvelous (authentically gallic and with something of CC's nervy chic), but like Hepburn's replacement, Darrieux, probably not enough of a draw at the time. In the end, it was not (to be kind) a first-rate show, and Kate carried it probably longer than anyone else could have.

    1. That said -- and I certainly agree with you -- I see clips like this as important historical documents. This actually happened, in all its bizarre glory, and I find it oddly fascinating!

  2. AND Julie Andrews! I've had the soundtrack for this show for years but never had seen a clip of it - just wonderful although still wonder about the casting... You can't see Chanel for Hepburn. Icing on the Kate -haha.

  3. The whole thing seems ridiculous yet fabulous and I love it!

  4. Well the last thing I expected was to hear Katherine Hepburn "sing" and think of Grace Jones, but there it is.