Tony Tuesday: Dreamgirls!

Yes, darlings, it is time. How could we not?


  1. No snark possible, no wit. Nothing but awe for this, possibly the most astonishing single performance I can think of. If she did it like this every night, it's amazing that she lasted more than a week. I watch this from time and time and realize that I've gone what feels like minutes without breathing; I can only imagine what it felt like to be in that audience, that night.

    1. Well said, my friend!

      I remember seeing this clip at a gay bar (SideTrack, in Chicago) shortly after the original broadcast. The entire crowded club (for "Showtunes Night"!) stood silently in awe. Hands were held, tears were shed...It sounds funny now but was genuine and spontaneous at the time. The dear friend I was with has long since passed away but the memory of that experience is with me still. I think of it whenever I see this clip or hear this song.