This performance, from 1986, turned out to be Lee's final visit to the Tonight Show. While the music is relatively low-key, visually this is so shiny and sparkly (even the toupée twinkles!) that we just had to share.


  1. one cannot help but wonder,
    was everything else as tight as that face?

  2. I believe all the skin was pulled up at the top of the scalp, tied into a knot, and then hidden by that glittering rug.

    It took a village.

  3. I'm surprised at how restrained his playing was ... well, until he hit "The Minute Waltz."

    I was lucky to visit the Liberace museum before it closed. I loved it but mainly because there was a Liberace imitator who did a 45-minute act that was included in the admission price. He had his own hair; it was disconcerting.

  4. In profile he's looking a lot like Gertrude Stein here. A rhinestone is a rhinestone is a rhinestone is a rhinestone!