Tony Tuesday: Sugar Babies!

It's the Ham and Legs combo!


  1. Ann Miller was a force of nature!

  2. I have watched this clip more than any other on the web. Those are two pros. That's the studio system hard at work decades after it ended. That is show business as it should be.

    1. So true, Bill! The likes of those two will ne'er be seen again.

      When Sugar Babies played in Chicago, which it did for quite a while, I actually saw Miss Miller walking down Adams St., between Michigan Avenue and State St. (by the Art Institute). Her hair was lacquered back, and she was fully made up. She swept through the crowded sidewalk with a dazzling grin, beaming, even though most people seemed not to notice. It was a moment I'll never forget.

  3. This was a delight to see and hear. They don't make 'em like that any more.

  4. Mickey is fun, though probably a matter of taste, but Ann is magnificent! Step aside auto-tuned and non-projecting brats, a star's comin' through! They complimented each other well even with their considerable differences.