Marie Osmond: I'm Coming Out!

The fun starts at about 1:45. Those safety gays seem a lot more fun than her brothers!

(Special thanks to TJB!)


  1. Shortly after this performance Marie got fat.

    Proof positive that nobody does Miss Ross but Miss Ross!

  2. While I'm having a hard time trying to figure out the difference between Old Marie and New Marie — lip gloss, perhaps? — I feel satisfied that I know now what a Chic song would sound like if it had been arranged by Barry Manilow.

    And I wonder if the term "fist pump" had been invented by that point.

  3. oddly enough, i saw a photo of marie today. she doesn't resemble herself in the least.

    wasn't the make-up lady once a pal of lucy ricardo's?

  4. "The new Marie"? I had only just got used to wincing at the old one. Jx

  5. The trivia you learn on this site... Elaine Stritch had been doing Marie's make-up for eighteen years?! And I dunno.... in some of the long shots, this looked and sounded like it could be mistaken for Sheena Easton on an off night.

    1. Sheena "lite", if that's even possible.

  6. Safety Gay Republicans! The gayest gays in all of gaydom!


  7. Oh! How this takes me back. I would have given *anything* to be able to sing and dance like Marie. Yes, that is how impressionable and applause starved I was then :)...