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  1. I never paid much attention to sports and its stars back in junior high, but when they began calling Namath "Broadway Joe" I wondered if perhaps I had overlooked something... some hidden razzle dazzle or inner 11 o'clock number yearning to break free. Not so much, it turns out. And I think at this point, I'd rather see Tebow in a pair of thigh-high fishnets.

    1. Joe was a male version of the "butterface", and his body wasn't all that great either. Why they didn't put f*ck-me pumps on his feet for this commercial I'll never know ...

  2. I see your panty hose and I raise you one creaming:

  3. I actually got to see "Broadway Joe" back in 1980 when he toured in "Li'l Abner". (Not the greatest moment in musical theater history.) If I had had my druthers the evenings entertainment would have been greatly enhanced had he performed in the towel he wore during his photo shoot with Farah Fawcett.