Freixenet Friday: Ann-Margret!

This joint is jumpin'!


  1. is then when ann was using oprah's
    body for all public appearances?

  2. This must have been after her Las Vegas stage fall and surgical reconstruction. (That I was thinking about that rather than the performance says all that one should say about said performance.)

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Her face looks a bit swollen in the opening and closing shots.

  3. This was from Nov. 1988, her first show after a 5 year layoff from the stage. George Burns told her that all this Movie stuff is great, but you gotta get back on stage, and she did! My first time to visit Las Vegas at age 25. Loved this show so much at Caesars Palace, I went back and caught the show 3 more times before leaving town. Her energy, vocals, production, the orchestra, everything about this show was outstanding!