Where Would We Be Without Tom Jones?

After an intro by Miss Leslie Uggams, our Tom and his crew WORK IT OUT!


  1. That man sure can fill a jumpsuit!

  2. And btw, SO glad you're back!!!

  3. Good thing Tom's wearing a cross, 'cause those outfits are the sins Jesus died for.

  4. First off, I gotta thank Cookie for giving me directions over here.

    Second, any blog that features Joey Heatherton in their banner is worth visiting.

    Third, I got my first twinges, you know, down there, that I might be a big ol queen from watching Tom Jones and not carting how he sang, but fully engrossed by his pants.

    Love it!

    1. Hi Bob, welcome aboard! Gotta love that Cool Cookie!

      Miss Heatherton is one of our Goddesses here, we've posted eight of her video clips thus far. Love her!

      As for Mr. Jones, I can entirely relate. I've always told people that it's because of him that I'm gay -- or at least that I knew I was. Before I even knew the meaning of the word!

  5. If anyone decides to remake The Lickerish Quartet as a musical, I think it will look exactly like this.

    And I freely admit I am entranced by the size of Tom Jones' lungs as much as the way he wears whatever the hell he has on the lower half of his body ... tuxedo pants? (I have tingles.)

  6. Thombeau, I am so glad that you are back, I really missed you!

  7. It's called a "jump" suit for a reason... I had to sponge myself down after that. Jx