Bein' Green

Miss Lena Horne and a special friend.

(Thanks to Andrew! xoxo)


  1. I love me some Lena, but it looks as if she has a Muppet on her head.

  2. Miss Horne, in her lifetime, seemed an icon, immutably set in stone by the twin bookends of MGM and her triumph in "The Lady and Her Music" on Broadway. Since she's left us, though, it seems to me she is diminished, to some extent, as if in her absence we can now be struck by things like the sheer repetitiveness of her mannerisms - the wide eyes, the downhome diction (she was from Bed-Stuy, for heaven's sake), the now-I've-found-the-real-me ferocity - that can get in the way of the (generally peerless) voice. A sublime singer - but possibly a rather tiresome person?

    In any case, a sober thought for a most un-sober holiday...