Ladies and Gentlemen...Tony Randall!

His introduction states that he's fantastic, divine, suave, and adorable. We're guessing he wrote it himself.


  1. i won't watch it. i hate him
    and am glad he's dead.

    sorry, next time i'll try not to mince words.

  2. One of my favourite songs from our occasional piano sing-a-long evenings at The Eagle pub in Marylebone - one of Flanders and Swann's finest moments. Mr Randall doesn't do a bad job of it, and his "Warm and Wavery" album isn't half bad either. I never understand why people loathed him so much, especially as he played one of the earliest sympathetic gay characters on TV in "Love Sidney", which was a brave move in the early 80s. He was by all accounts a bit of a liberal - he said his fantasy was that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney would show up at his funeral and be turned away. Jx

  3. NORMA! One of my favorite things, along with Anthony Newley's "Within You, Without You," is the ending of The Salute To the Beatles which-well, here it is:

  4. Oh, my!
    A musical version of Christopher Walken's The Continental character.