Sunday Scopitone: Buddy Greco

That's why the lady is a tramp?

BONUS: Here he is again, swingin' it live!


  1. What was about the patented Scopitone technology that at times made performers so alarming? Live, he's perfectly charming; in Scopi-land, he's an axe murderer.

    Nice sneak reprise of Donald O'Connor, there...

    AND - at 2:11 in the Scopitone - is that or is that not the world's first full-body mantilla?

    1. Glad someone caught the Donald O'Connor "cameo"!

      And yes, appearing in a Scopitone apparently called for a demented leer whenever possible.

  2. Mr Greco so energetically extolls why the lady IS a tramp and yet I am still bewitched, bothered and bewildered and be-berted.

  3. I think that was the worst studio audience I've ever seen. It's like they didn't even know he was in the room.

  4. I like that audience instead! The little girl talking with her mom at 2:14, while Greco is singing.. that's great!

  5. Amusing and Bemusing. Though I noticed his eyes kept getting more and more crazed as the song went on...