The Fabulous Juliette Greco

Just being that way.


  1. And she didn't even know French!

  2. After watching this a number of times, I've come to the conclusion that she must be dizzy. I know I am!

  3. Here she is at around the same time, doing a very different but equally fabulous rendition of this song. I adore her!

  4. This should be served with Expresso, and those delightful,crispy, Coissant's you only find correctly made in Paris.

  5. I haven't a clue what she is singing about but this makes me depressed as in a Happy-Sad kinda way. Plus, she's scary - like a live marionette!

  6. And thanks to reading a Dusty Springfield bio a few years ago, I learned that Mademoiselle Greco was Dusty's inspiration for the maximum eye make up.

  7. And the sky of Paris
    Has its own secret
    For 20 centuries it has been in love
    With our Saint-Louis Island (an island in the Seine river)
    When the island smiles at it
    The sky puts on its blue suit
    Hum hum
    When it rains on Paris
    It means the sky is sad
    Because it is jealous
    Of the island’s millions of lovers
    Hum hum
    It roars over us
    Its thunderous sounds
    But the sky of Paris
    Is never cruel for long
    To beg our forgiveness
    It offers us a rainbow

    1. Thank you so much! I love this song and was wondering what it was about. The melody is completely alluring.

  8. She turned 85 this year and is still performing!

  9. Simply sublime - she was here in London just a couple of years back. As the review in The Telegraph said: "If any singer now alive deserves to be called legendary, it’s surely Juliette Greco. She’s a last link to that impossibly exotic era of 1950s Paris, when Stalin could still be regarded as a hero, be-bop was the last word in cool, and existentialist philosophers hung out in the cafes." Indeed. Jx