Meanwhile, in the Garden of Eden...

Mary Tyler Moore, Ben Vereen, The Manhattan Transfer, and lots of sequins!


  1. Is that Louisiana's finest, Doug Kershaw????
    Eden or Hell?

  2. OK then. I love Mary Tyler Moore, and I think Ben Vereen should be way more famous than he is...THIS, however, is going to make it very difficult to argue my case.

  3. Oh Mary, Mary - vestal virgin-like you are. Darling you are positively molting all over that stage! Fantastic to see the early Manhattan Transfer and Ms Vereen in all his splendiferous green sequins!

  4. OMG.....I remember this special. Mary's Magnificent Dream, or something like that.
    I believe it aired only once, mercifully.
    Arthur Fiedler was God (as a conductor on the podium, of course).

    Living in the South, it was the talk of my high school the next day. Teachers were arguing over the meaning of her "crucifixion" scene (sitting in two huge hands with nail holes in them).

    My mother just sighed and said thing like,
    "And I thought she was such a nice girl..."
    "Do you think Satan is really black?"
    "Are there black leprechauns?"
    "Did they blackmail Fiedler to be in this?"