Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Peggy Lee

Don't let the wig distract you. This is excellent.


  1. RANT in 3, 2, 1...

    The vast majority of todays pop stars have trouble selling a seduction while showing 90% of there flesh. Ms Lee just sold it in a fucking floor length CAFTAN!

    She wins, game over.

    Rant conluded; carry on.

  2. i needed to get away from the putrid panties frenzy and peggy didn't let me down.

    okay, back to the battle!

  3. It's kinda like those old variety shows when you'd see a non-dancer guest star do three toe taps and then the dancers would do thirty seven steps... Miss Peggy could could summon as much with that one wicked eyebrow as Madonna in her whole halftime show! It's called ECONOMY.

  4. That is a housecoat for the ages.

    But seriously on the economy thing. I saw La Lee right at the end of her looooong career. She was carried in, placed on a chair, and then preceded to tear the joint up. She hardly moved, and when she finally snapped her fingers in time with the intro to "Fever", it was as if the whole stage exploded in special effects. Electric.

    1. Wow. Just reading about that gave me the shiverin' fits!

  5. Whatever you do, don't lock eyes with her....

    Trust me.