Night of 100 Stars - Broadway Medley

Oh, darlings, where to begin???


  1. Who looked more confused to be there, Sandy the dog or Charles Grodin?

    Also: Alexis Smith's lady mullet is giving me fever.

  2. I love it when they just trot out some star to do nothing more than walk across the stage. The very idea just cracks me up!

  3. Wait - all Ellen Burstyn and Charles Grodin did was a clumsey walk across the stage! Thats Entertainment?

  4. And didn't they look thrilled about it?

  5. Thombeu is right......the campiest thing was grodin and burstyn just walking. As if their very fame was enough to entertain us.

  6. Naysayers aside, I just spent the past 10 minutes lip-synching and doing "jazz hands." (I do suspect some homosexual tendencies on my part!)

    For the record, Sandy-the-Dog, did look more confused than Charles Grodin!

  7. Carol Channing looks like a bejeweled mushroom.

    why is Pearl Bailey wearing a kimono?

    I believe this is one of the Merm's last TV appearances.

    Mary Martin had some work done (this was before she was in that car crash)

    I believe Diahann Carroll wore that same exact dress on Dynasty...

    Frank Langella can sing, who knew!

    lmfao @ "Anne Miller"

    Julie Harris looks like the evil stepmother from Cinderella

    Alexis Smith and Betty Bacall are workin' those Bob Mackie frocks.

    was this when Bea was doing that TV show Amanda's By the Sea (or something like that, pre Golden Girls)?

    1. You are definitely one for the details, and I love it!!