Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Bette Davis

In which she sings a little ditty that's actually called "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?".


  1. I'm so thrilled you're back in business, Mr. Thombeau!

  2. Just happily found the Redundant Variety Hour and this one knocked my socks off - I have the 45rpm record! (It really belongs to a friend who used to work for Christopher Street Magazine way back when who left it with me, silly man.) It's on the M-G-M label. The song is performed as a duet with Debbie Burton, who gets the flip side for her rendition of "I've Written A Letter to Daddy".

    1. Welcome aboard! I hope you're keeping that 45 in a safe deposit box!

  3. At the end of the movie, this song (as an instrumental) is playing on someone's radio as the women are on the beach... listen for it!

  4. Now I have an idea for a musical version of Baby Jane, with Madonna and Gaga.